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HRT & Wellness

Benefits from an HRT & Wellness program can be attained as early as age 30, and are even more important every subsequent year, as we age.

Male Hormone Replacement

Beginning at age 35, male testosterone levels decline by approximately 1% each year.  This can result in a drastic change to a man’s quality of life, including increased abdominal fat, poor sexual performance, fatigue during physical activity, hot flashes and sweats, fatty breast tissue (Gynecomastia), loss of facial skin elasticity, and receding gums.

For men, hormone replacement therapy reverses many of the problems caused by this drop in testosterone.  Once your hormone levels are corrected, you will notice:

Female Hormone Replacement

As seen on Oprah, and in Suzanne Somers’ book, The Sexy Years, bio-identical hormones are producing substantial health and lifestyle improvements, not only as a treatment for menopause, but also for their anti-aging properties.

For women, bio-identical hormone therapy is an effective treatment for a variety of undesirable symptoms associated with both pre- and post-menopause.  Bio-identical hormones are naturally produced in our bodies, which means that they are better metabolized, minimizing any potential side-effects.

Female hormone replacement therapy reverses many symptoms related to menopause.  Once your hormone levels are corrected, you will notice:

What to Expect:
Our hormone replacement program begins with an initial consultation, followed by a comprehensive physical examination and lab work, plus a nutritional plan and medications. Our physicians are specialists in the field of hormone therapy, and will tailor your personalized plan to meet your specific medical needs. You can expect to feel the difference within 4-6 weeks of beginning the program.

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